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3 Star Hotels in Agra, Book Best Three Star Room @ ₹ -

3 Star Hotels in Agra

The city of Agra, beautiful yet traditional and has its own important position in Indian Tourism. Agra has been the capital of the country during the Mughal Reign, the city houses with some of the most amazing heritage sites and monuments. All these sites are cherished and adored by the people from all over the country. For the convenience of the travellers, the city houses with some of the best hotels where guests can get the best of the services within the moderate price.

Agra Luxury Home Stay is one of the best 3 Star hotels in Agra. The property is listed as the newest luxury home that is equipped with the unique concept of luxury lodging. The unique thing about this hotel is that it is spread over 5800 square feet of floor space and has just 7 rooms. Each room is aesthetically designed and fitted with all modish amenities. These rooms are spacious, well-lit and elegantly decorated. Designed according to the Vastu Shashtra, this property showcases a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary amenities. The personalized attention on each guest will make them feel homely. The food in the property is prepared hygienically and cooked with the natural and organic ingredients.

There is another hotel named Pearl of Taj Homestay which is listed among the 3 star Agra hotels. The property is located at the compound mission near the Taj Mahal which allows users to cherish the beauty if the Seventh wonder of the World whenever they require as per their wish. This property is serving in the field of hospitality from last 40 years and has now established a reputation of integrity by offering its guests with comfort, valuable services. The professional staff of the hotel will greet you with the heartwarming courtesy and gestures that will make you feel homey here. One can say it is a home away from home that takes care of the needs of its every guest. Services like AC, telephone, mirror, Wi-Fi, attached bathroom in the well-appointed rooms just enhance the charm of the property.

You can also find hotels like Madhu Resorts, Hotel Avalon Taj, Taj Haveli Agra, Hotel Parador and many more which are falling under the category of 3 star hotels in Agra. Every property is a decent place to stay while being on Aga excursion that offers its guests with utmost comfort and finest facilities.

List of 3 Star Hotels in Agra